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Where Authentic and Hard Work Join Hands


Crafting wood flooring projects for great customers is why we love coming to work everyday. Mis-information and myths tend to pervade the wood flooring industry, so we enjoy sharing our authentic firsthand knowledge with confused customers. Year after year we see the products that work and the products that are only worthy of a dumpster.  For this reason we work with sustainable and quality crafted wood flooring only.  Welcome to our world at Paragon, where real wood floors reside.


From the top to the bottom…

Some people climb corporate ladders, but Eric Rose started his woodworking career climbing trees. Now, with two feet safely on the ground, he creates great floors to customer specifications. One floor at a time, on site so each floor is truly unique. Learn more about how we do that here

Our Verdict Is...

Protecting the environment is about daily choices and not just a one time flooring purchase. The ``look`` and hot products of today will grow out of style over time. If they are unable to be resurfaced, then they are an environmental mistake. This means the flooring can only be removed and replaced. This is not ``green`` or healthy for the environment. Most flooring at retailers is not ``real`` hardwood with a long service life. It is primarily constructed with profit in mind first.

 A quick pictorial of what makes something a dumpster product. Look at the side profile of your flooring and it will tell you a lot about its service life.