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grass valley hardwoodsA story created with sweat equity

There is no comparison to hand scraped wood flooring fabricated on site. If you visit a vintage floor worn from foot traffic, the look tells a real story. Although most people don’t have 100 years or more to wait. At Paragon we have figured out how to re-create this process with methodical process and hand tools. The process is tedious as you can imagine, but each floor is unique and that is our reward. We know that we left our unique signature on a floor that most people typically would sand flat.

An original, not a copy

Some people may wonder, “But, they have this at my local flooring store with a 25 year warranty, so why should I pay you?”. Wood flooring available at all retailers that is “handscraped” has a look that is repetitive and un-natural if you look closely. The reason is that boards travel back and forth on one axis cutting machines that create distressing. Wood grain doesn’t follow one perfect axis , creating a true worn look is more of a sculpting act. Machines in factories simply cannot recreate the look of a craftsman on-site. This process requires a brain, two hands, and time.

Our customers who request a custom distressed wood floor are investing in creating a story and look that compliments their home. Rather than shopping on cost, the idea is to invest in flooring that is unlike what you can buy at a store. We work together with the homeowner using our idea gallery and experience to supplement where imagination runs short. Hand-scraped wood floors are a real life bespoke process and not simply a hashtag to get your attention online. Furthermore, products that are truly a handcrafted creation are not generally found at most retailers.

bespoke flooringIf you have existing wood flooring in your home, then hand scraping is often an
option depending on the condition of the floor. In addition, we have a process called “planking” where we can make a strip oak floor look like a wide plank distressed wood floor. We have several examples of before and after pictures in our idea gallery.

Finishing systems that work

Hand-scraping a wood floor creates a lot of contour in the grain. Traditional finish coating systems that layer urethanes over this surface are not ideal for a number of reasons. For that reason we prefer a penetrating oils and hard-wax finish systems such as Woca oil. These finishes do a great job of sealing the surface of the wood. Maintenance of these finishes is simple and they tend to be very livable for homeowners with pets and lots of foot traffic on their wood floor.

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