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Paragon hardwood floors is a business owned by Eric and Shelley Rose. We are driven by the artistic and creative potential of wood flooring. Our is focus on performing fewer projects and giving our customers better workmanship. Over the years we have realized it is better to live amongst our community and know our work makes people happy. We love seeing our customers in the grocery story and talking about life instead of hiding in the next aisle because we left someone unhappy but still got paid.

Eric Rose started his timber career climbing trees and working for tree removal companies. After deciding to plant his feet firmly on the ground, Eric began working with his first mentor. Eric was mentored while in the bay area by his cousin Tony, a veteran wood floor craftsman. Tony did not simply teach Eric skills on machines, but how to treat customers with care. Customer communications and expectations are very important in this business and Tony was instrumental in Eric’s attitude towards the craft.

Over the years we have been involved with a number of customers and products. The flooring industry is certainly awash with confusing advertising and crafty salespeople. It makes it difficult for an un-trained consumer to make a decision on the value of products quite often. Instead of focusing on what is wrong with the whole industry, we find it more important to let our work and products speak to the right customers. By that, we mean customers who prefer to know the authentic truth about products and not what color looks best in a living room.

This page is about giving customers a better feel about who we are and what we believe. So let’s get right to it:

  • All wood flooring should be serviceable and able to be refinished at least 1-2 times. Otherwise it is dumpster material.

  • Protecting the environment is about daily choices and not just a one time flooring purchase.

  • The “look” and hot products of today will grow out of style over time. If they are unable to be resurfaced, then they are an environmental mistake because they can only be removed and replaced. This is not “green” or healthy for the environment.

  • Craftsmanship is not a production business. It is about serving customers with the best possible products and ensuring they have received the value that you have promised. All for a FAIR price, not the lowest price.

  • Most flooring at retailers is not “real” hardwood with a long service life. It is primarily constructed with profit in mind first.

Please consider what type of service provider is a best fit when deciding on comparing estimates. Our value is in our skills and our authenticity. What we lack in flashy marketing, we make up for on our projects.