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Recipe for a Craftsman



Do you want options? That is the difference between hiring a custom wood floor craftsman or a run of the mill wood floor installer. If you regard the project in your home as an investment, then consider Paragon Custom Hardwood Floors. We make a dedicated effort to provide wood flooring materials and services that really work, instead of those with the highest profit margin. This is counter-intuitive to the flooring store norm, but we believe a reputation is earned well after the sale. So we choose to invest in products and labor processes with a long service life.




A major difference between a wood floor craftsman and a floor store has to do with who shows up and does the work. Retail floor stores use sub-contractors or refer you to a subcontractor. In our firsthand experience, the trouble with this system has one major flaw: communication problems. When you buy wood floors from a one size fits all store, you talk with the retailer and not the installer first. Sometimes a lot of promises are made before the job site has even been visited. So, your exact vision for a project may not be the end result.


Real experience?

Experience is a product of observation, practice and learning. Typically experience is accrued with time. The real measure of experience is how you use your time: resting on your laurels by repeating existing processes or innovating and educating. Rather than benchmark our experience on time, we use a portfolio and passionate brain to share our experience. Whether on the pages of this website or in person during our flooring project consultations we do our best to offer objective information.


Teach with Honesty

We have divided the website into compartments of answers and ideas that will help you reach an educated and objective decision on how to invest in your wood floors. If you feel that we have helped you make an informed decision while navigating the complicated market of wood flooring, then let us know! We always appreciate knowing that we have helped keep real carpentry and wood floors in style.

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