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Maaco or Chip Foose, It’s your call

Wood floor refinishing may not seem interesting to you, but it is something important I need to educate you about. Quality in sanding a wood floor is NO DIFFERENT than preparing a Ferrari for a paint job. The surface of the wood needs to be flat, filled, and free from machine defects. How refined the surface is affects the way the finish looks on the floor just as it would the paint on a car.


Do you use a dustless sanding system?

wood floor refinishing nevada city California


Dust can interfere with fine sanding in the floor refinishing process. So, we use a dust evacuation trailer for the best sanding results. It also helps with our comfort level on the job as well is lowering your cleaning bill.

I was told to use a urethane finish because it is more durable. What do you think?

wood floor refinishing Nevada County CaliforniaThis advice is tied to people who are more on the perimeter of our trade, such as builders and less innovative contractors. The truth is, polyurethane is nothing more than a plastic layer applied on top of the wood, from day one that plastic layer begins to wear to the point of either re-coating or worst case refinishing. Repairing a polyurethane finish coat generally has to be done across the whole wood floor. In addition, abrasion and water over time can cause finish layers to lose adhesion and possibly peel.

What are my choices otherwise?

We recommend the use of penetrating oils on wood floors instead of surface finish (urethanes). The wood fibers are impregnated with solids that prevent liquids from absorbing into the floor. These products are composed of natural plant oils, so their application is easier on our body and yours afterwards. Over time with proper maintenance, these products improve in appearance and are easily maintained or repaired. We believe in utilizing a natural product to enhance another natural product. Penetrating oil finishes have a very long and proven history.

Can I change the color of my existing floor?

In most cases the answer is likely yes. It really depends on the wear layer thickness if floor refinishing is a viable option. If so, then we have a lot of resources to give your floor the right color. There is no need to remove or cover a perfectly good floor if you only want to change the color.

How often do you need to come back and maintain my floor?

This varies depending on the type of finish used on your project. Polyurethane finish should be screened and coated every 5-7 years depending on the living conditions. Oiled floors do not need to be re-oiled if you follow proper maintenance procedures for the finish.

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